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About Me

I possess almost a decade of social service experience, largely focused around mental health, trauma and housing.  Through my personal and professional experiences I’ve found that it’s vital to be authentic, curious, resourceful and proactive.  I’m fully aware that I can be a bit quirky but know that it’s important to have a sense of humor when it comes to getting to know one another and discussing matters of the heart. I would like to be known for remaining calm in a crisis, possessing a strong work ethic and truly listening to those I serve.  (I also don’t mind being known as the one to share cute animal pictures or videos with… please do show me a picture of your pet and describe what they mean to you :) ) I’m a collector of quotes/lyrics - music and books have always served me well - providing entertainment, solace, humor. 

I do this work because I think it’s crucial in this world to reduce mental health stigma by talking about our experiences and seeking treatment.  I believe we are all interconnected and should be, at the minimum, kind to one another. I know what it is like to feel anxious, and work towards being more compassionate with yourself.  In those moments, it’s incredibly valuable to feel heard. I thrive on working alongside someone as they realize that growth is possible and seeing that growth come to fruition.

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